About Live-Out Nannies

Welcome to LiveOutNanny.net, your online information destination for hiring a live-out nanny.

If you’re here, you’ve probably already discovered that hiring a live-out nanny is the best childcare choice for your family. Live-out nannies provide attentive childcare in your private home, leaving you in charge of selecting your caregiver and managing your childcare arrangement.

Unlike in daycare centers where you’d need to pay late fees by the minute or change your schedule to accommodate those of the center, with a live-out nanny you call the shots. As an employer you set the nanny’s hours, delegate her responsibilities and assign her duties, putting you in control of ensuring your child receives the quality of care you expect.

And since your child won’t be exposed to a myriad of other children, you’ll find he will be sick less often than children in daycare and his needs will always come first, since your caregiver is solely focused on him.

As a household employer, you can extend permission to your nanny to provide your child with a variety of rich experiences. Unlike in center based care where children are confined to the classroom and playground, your nanny can take your child to play dates, to enrichment classes, to the zoo or museum and on other age-appropriate outings.

When at home, she can customize your child’s schedule, routine and activities to meet his developmental needs, being sure all his needs are met so that he can grow and develop on track.

Nannies are responsible for meeting the children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs. They become invested in the overall well-being of the children in their care. They’re also responsible for undertaking all tasks related to childcare, including doing the children’s laundry and preparing the children’s meals and cleaning up afterwards, however, many nannies will take on non-childcare related household tasks, like caring for a family pet or making family meals, if they have the skill set and are compensated fairly. For families who require household assistance in addition to childcare, hiring a live-out nanny can be an excellent choice.

While many parents think that nanny care is only for the rich and famous, most are surprised to learn that for some families, it’s the most cost effective childcare choice. For parents with more than one child who requires care or for parents who work late, travel for work or work in positions where they need to be constantly available, hiring a nanny can be cheaper than paying for daycare and the early and late care fees that go along with it.

If you seek personalized and customized care for your children, hiring a qualified nanny will deliver that. Live-out nannies typically commit to at least one year of service with the family, which provides your child with consistent, high quality care that will impact him for a lifetime.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Live-Out Nanny

When it comes to childcare options, every option has a set of pros and cons, however when it comes to nanny care, the benefits virtually always outweigh and drawbacks.

Wondering if hiring a live-out nanny is right for you? Here are some of the most popular reasons parents opt to hire a private, live-out nanny to meet their family’s childcare needs.

  1. You’re the Boss.  With nanny care it’s your child, your house, your rules. With nanny care there is no schedule or routine your child has to conform to. You set the standards of care your child will receive, along with the nanny’s hours, duties and responsibilities.
  2. The Provider is Hand Selected. When it comes to your childcare provider, you should approve of who is caring for your child. With nanny care you aren’t simply assigned a provider, you hand select who will be responsible for your child’s welfare and development when you aren’t at home.
  3. Care is Customized. Because nannies don’t have the responsibilities of a classroom full of children, they can focus all of their attention on meeting your child’s specific physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.
  4. Flexible Arrangements. Going to be late due to a meeting? Your live-out nanny will have your back. Most nannies understand that flexibility is part of the job and are happy to help their employers by working late on occasion. Any they aren’t going to charge you per minute when you’re late because you’re stuck in traffic.
  5. Low Caregiver to Child Ratio. With a nanny it’s just her and your kids. With no other children demanding her attention she can solely focused on your kids and meeting their unique needs.
  6. Convenience. With a live-out nanny there is no rushing to get out of the house in the morning to get the kids to daycare. With nanny care, your childcare provider comes to you, so you can simply get yourself ready to start your nanny while your nanny focuses on the kids.
  7. Consistent Care. Nannies make at least a one year commitment to the families they work for. That said, however, it’s not unusual for a family to have the same nanny throughout the children’s childhood. In fact, some nannies have spent more than 18 years meeting the childcare and home care needs of the family.
  8. Less Exposure to Illness. Less kids equals less illness. Your child won’t be around sick kids when he’s with his nanny. While she will surely socialize your child, she can limit his exposure to germs by keeping him away from sick friends and crowded places during the flu season and winter months.
  9. Mildly Ill Children Can Be Cared For. If your child feels great but has a low grade temperature, you can forget sending him to daycare. A nanny, however, is prepared to care for mildly ill children, temperature or not.
  10. Children Can Stay at Home. Familiarity breeds safety and security in children. Children who are cared for in their own homes can enjoy the luxuries that come along with being there. They can play with their own toys, sleep in their own beds and have a wide variety of meals and snacks to choose from.

While you’ll need to invest time and energy in managing your employee, when you do, you’ll reap the rewards of a long lasting relationship that even turns to friendship once your live-out nanny is no longer in your employ.