18 Blogs Exploring Methods for Teaching State Capitals to Kids

statecapitalsFrom doing puzzles to singing songs, there are plenty of fun ways you can help your kids learn and memorize all of the state capitals. When you help your kids learn the state capitals while they are young, recalling them for school purposes later will be second nature. Check out these 18 blog posts that are full of creative ways to help kids learn the capital of each state.


Many of the toys that pertain to the states and their capitals are map and puzzle related, but there are card games and flash cards that can be fun for kids too.  Whether you use a map the size of an 8×10 picture frame or a foam one that is as big as a throw rug, kids will enjoy themselves while simultaneously learning the capitals.  These six blog entries will give you some ideas for toys that will teach him about states and capitals.


Phones and tablets have become more like personal computers, and there truly is an app for just about everything. This includes apps that help kids learn their state capitals. The following six blog posts explore several different apps you can use to help your kids remember their capitals.

Mnemonic Devices

Associating one thing with another is a common memorization tactic more often known as a mnemonic device. To employ this learning tactic with your kids, take a look at these six blog articles, which feature various mnemonic devices that help with state capital memorization.