21 Blogs Explaining the Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Hydrated this Summer

boywaterSpending long days outdoors during hot summer months is par for the course for kids on summer vacation. Young children, however, don’t adjust as well as adults do to terribly hot temperatures. Their body surface is greater in comparison to adults and they sweat less, which makes it harder to get rid of body heat and can lead to dehydration. Keeping kids hydrated while they’re active and outdoors is a priority. Check out these tips for stopping dehydration before it starts.

What to Eat

Kids should start out the day eating yogurt and drinking milk because these items contain higher levels of fluids and are loaded with calcium and vitamin D.  Fruits, sugar-free popsicles and watery vegetables are great options for healthy snacks the kids can grab throughout the day.  If you cut up the fruit and vegetables and keep them in plastic bags or resealable bowls, the kids can help themselves when they need a snack instead of bugging you all the time.  For more ideas on what your kids should eat to stay hydrated, check out these seven blog entries.

What to Drink

Water is hands down the best thing that kids and adults should drink.  However, sometimes it’s hard to get kids to drink plain water.  If that happens, then you can try dressing up the water by adding sliced fruit to it to change the flavor.  Sports drinks are not necessary for most kids unless they are involved in high intensity athletics.  For more ways to get your kids to drink healthy liquids this summer, take a look at these seven blog articles.

What to Do

In these seven blog posts you’ll find tips and tricks to keep the kids hydrated during the hot summer months. Two good tips to implement are taking a break in the shade every hour and carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go.  Take a look at these blogs and have a safe summer.