How Nannies Can Create a Great Summer Experience for Kids

bubblesAh, summertime is just around the corner. Soon school will be out, kids will be sleeping in and before you know it parents will be hearing, “I’m bored!” If you have a nanny, you have a built in solution to the summertime blues. Here are just a few ways a nanny can create an awesome summer experience for your kids.

Plan a summer camp experience. Your kids don’t have to officially enroll in summer camp to get that great camp experience. Your nanny can plan a camp experience for them. She can replicate the activities that a typical camp would do or use her imagination to create her own format. What would camp be without friends? Your nanny can gather up classmates and friends to get involved so your child can enjoy his favorite activities and friends at the same time.

Just relax. Remember when summer meant doing a whole lot of nothing? Many parents want their children to experience that type of summer. Your nanny can “plan” days that have no real plan or schedule. Your child can decide if he’d like to spend the day at the pool or playing in the back yard with his neighborhood friends. Or he might decide that he wants to head to the zoo for the morning and then to his favorite playground for the afternoon. The fun thing is that he can decide to have a full day filled with lots of activities and adventures or a day filled with nothing at all.

Focus on what the kids love. Does your child adore arts and crafts? Then your nanny can plan lots of creative activities. Your child can tackle those big art projects that he normally doesn’t have the time for or he can learn a new skill and use the summer to practice and improve. Does your child love bugs? Your nanny can plan a series of fun activities focused on bugs, bugs, bugs. Your child can spend the day exploring the local science museum and learn all about the different types of bugs. They can take hikes through different areas that are home to different bug species. Your nanny can help your child create his own backyard bug collection. Unlike a camp counselor, who has to plan activities that appeal to the masses, your nanny can plan activities that have special appeal to your child. This can allow him to dive into his interests in ways he doesn’t have time for during the school year.

Discover the sibling connection. During the school year, siblings don’t often have the chance to spend any real time playing together. Because they’re different ages, they’re usually involved in different activities and have different sets of friends. Often, the only time they’re together is in the car on the way to or from some activity and at meal time. During the summer, however, your kids have the chance to spend some real time together. This seemingly small thing can have a huge impact on their lifelong relationship. Your nanny can find things all kids will enjoy and make sure there’s lots of free time at home so the kids can discover fun things on their own.

Enjoy the great outdoors. Summer is the perfect time to spend the days outside. Your nanny and kids can explore local lakes, spend the day splashing at the pool or pack up and take a road trip to the shore. It’s also a great time to try out new bike trails, have a neighborhood game of baseball or kick ball, learn how to play a new sport or get better at one your child already enjoys. Summer outdoor fun doesn’t have to mean structured activities. Your nanny can climb trees, build a fort or go on a scavenger hunt with your child. Staying active is something many kids struggle with these days. Using the summer to start new habits is a smart way to help your child stay healthy throughout the year.

Mix it up. Your child can enjoy the best of all the ideas. You can enroll her in her favorite camp for a couple of weeks. She can take a sports sampler class at the local community center. Your nanny can pack the swim bag and head to the pool for some fun with her friends. They can visit the local museums, zoos, historical sites and anywhere else that interests them. When you have a nanny, you can work with her to design a summer that fits your child’s personality, interests and needs perfectly.